Thursday, 6 July 2017

12 Single Paper DIY Gift Boxes

It is easier to make gift boxes and candy boxes. All you need are printed templates, scissors, cardstock, punch and ribbons to add color. Some gift boxes will require you to add glue, but others do not require glue, and instead, wrap up easily with the left top part interlacing with the left part. Below is a roundup of some simple DIY gift box projects that you can try at home. You can use the cards for valentine, wedding and Christmas gifts and the good thing is, you get to choose your color.

Simple Gift Box

This the simplest gift box that you can create with the top and the bottom curved. The L-shaped cuts on the top parts close easily. The pattern used to create the box is in form of a bow tie.

Heart Gift Box

True to its name, this box has a heart shaped top and bottom. Easily make it with one piece of paper. Cut the side strip with the heart shaped top and bottom attached to the sides of the strip. At the top of the box, you can add ribbons in any shape you like.

Elliptic Gift Box

This is an ellipse shaped gift box created from one piece of paper. The edges of the gift box are curved to enhance the looks of the box. It is optional but you can add a ribbon to enhance the appearance of the box even more.

Hearty Pyramid Gift Box

This is an advanced option of the heart gift box. The sides of the gift box are heart shaped while the bottom is triangular. The side forms a pyramid with the bottom. The size and color of the paper will be dependent on your needs.

Triangular Gift Box

This is a simple box with triangular top and bottom, created with a single piece of paper. The top is created to interlace and close the box with no need for glue. To create it, draw the triangular base and the rectangle sides attached to the sides of the triangle, and then crate the top with arms that interlace.

Curved Top Gift Box

This is a simple gift box with a square bottom on whose sides are attached the curvy sides. This box does not need glue and opens and closes easily.

Handbag gift

If you need a gift box shaped like a handbag, draw the base, the sides, which should be curved and meeting at the top. You can create any size you want. Add a ribbon to better the appearance of the box.

Hexagonal Gift box

This box has a hexagonal base and top and is created with one piece of paper with no need for glue. The top arms are created with shapes that interlace to close the box, and opening is as easy as center pulling one of the arms.

Butterfly Curved Gift box

If you are looking for a simple gift box to send your loved one a gift in, this is a good option. Its bottom is square with two of the curved sides bearing butterfly wings. You can use it for small gifts.

Decorated Love Heart Gift Box

This is for love birds; it has a heart-shaped top and bottom with an opening at the top. The box is decorated with different colors and you can even add a tag to communicate a message.

Pyramid Gift box

Like its name suggests, this box is in the shape of a pyramid. You can create any size and any color you need and add ribbons or other decorations you may need.

Diamond Gift Box

This is a simple gift box created to match the shape of diamond. The only hard task comes in folding the piece of paper to get the shape.

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